Corrugated Transit Packaging. Outer Cases.

Corrugated Transit packaging or cases refers to outer boxes with the primarily purpose of containing and protecting contents during storage and delivery. Although the general “transit packaging” description covers a broad range of packaging styles, most common is the plain or one colour flexo printed glued “Fefco 0201” style boxes (internationally often referred to as a standard “American Box”).

As the primary requirement of transit packaging is containment and protection, they tend to be made from natural brown corrugated with the board grade specified to reflect the size of the box, the weight and characteristics of the product to be packed and the conditions under which it is likely to be transported and stored. There is also a decision as to whether it is necessary to further protect the product will fillers inside the outer box – such as corner protection pieces or fillers such as scrumpled paper, bubblewrap, foam inserts or loose filler chips.

Smithpack’s Technical sales and design teams help specify the correct box style and board material for the purpose in hand.

Order Quantities

Standard 0201 type outer boxes can be bought in standard “off-the-shelf” sizes which are cost effective for small quantity requirements. The trade-off however is that rarely will the ideal box size/specificaton be available so packaging fillers are usually required, protection is compromised and result in a larger pack size than would otherwise be necessary.

Smithpack manufacture bespoke specified packaging which is preferable and generally becomes cost effective when order quantities exceed perhaps 200 to 500 boxes for a medium sized 50cm x 30cm x 30cm box.

This “minimum bespoke” order quantity varies up or down substantially as the size of box and hence the material content changes – for a larger pack, where convenient off-the-shelf sized options are also harder to find the cost effective minimum order may be 50 or less as the individual box size required, and the material content per pack becomes larger. 

Smithpack specialise in bespoke packaging – manufactured to a precise size and specification to suit the product: printed or plain.

manual packing

Smithpack provide the most cost effective service to customers with significant packaging supply requirements for flexible daily, weekly or monthly deliveries across an often wide range of different boxes, packs and styles.