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IT Systems, Quality ISO9001, Environmental, REACH.



Smithpack utilise sophisticated computer systems to manage operations throughout the business from design, through order processing, production, stocking and delivery to accounts. This gives the company advantages of cost, administrative and logistical efficiency driving improved customer service levels.

Smithpack utilise EDI to achieve cost efficiencies with both suppliers and customers minimising administration wherever possible. We can take a proactive approach in order to get our system data structured to customer system requirements and can offer systems expertise accordingly if required. We enthusiastically progress new ways of improving systems integration.

Some Examples:

Invoice processing: We can Email weekly or monthly invoice files in almost any likely format and file specification for direct matching and or importing into customer's own systems. When we adopted this process with our own major suppliers, we implemented the automated approval of purchase invoices against our system's purchase order and goods in booking records as well as importing invoices into the accounts system. This process is used to automatically approve or exception report on the supplier invoices and eliminated the bulk manual data input and approval of purchase invoices.

Order Processing: We are able to accept customer's purchase orders as files attached to emails (generated directly from the customer's own purchasing systems) which will automatically be read by our system and order acknowledgements confirming dates returned directly from our server. Emailed outstanding order status update files may be provided at any time according to any customer's system requirements.

Pallet Bar-coding: Our Pallet bar-coding stock control systems not only give us improved stock visibility and traceability but are also flexible so that specific customer labelling specifications can be incorporated. Customers are currently taking advantage of options for anonymous supply labels and customer defined layouts assisting their receiving and handling operations.

For more information on our systems and integration techniques contact: Systems Enquiry.




All Smithpack sites have documented Quality Management systems in place designed to proactively strive to continually improve our performance and adapt to our customers demands. Smithpack sites are covered by ISO9001:2008 accreditations with BVQI.

Operations from Smithpack's sites are accredited to:

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard under BVQI certificate number 22473

Smithpack had valuable support in moving to the new standard from PAQ Systems  as quality consultants to the company. Peter Quinn of PAQ Systems is acting as the company's external quality consultant ensuring that Smithpack continue the proactive approach to ongoing quality management.



Corrugated is an environmentally friendly material being biodegradable and manufactured from renewable and recycled resources. It should also be remembered that the primary purpose of packaging is to protect and prevent damage of the products inside. To the extent that it is succesful, it reduces the waste of damaged and discarded products. It is only "excess" packaging that is wasteful - not packaging that efficiently protects products using sustainable material resources. Smithpack's design team have efficient and effective packaging as the key criteria to which they work.

Smithpack considers the impact of it's operations on the environment as a whole. It is proactive in seeking to reduce it's consumption of energy and other resources and limit any other adverse impacts it's activities may have. It is currently seeking accreditation to ISO14001 by way of independant recognition of this commitment, but with the overiding proviso that the environmental cost of recognition must itself be consistent with envronmentally positive aims.


REACH Regulations

Smithpack are a "downstream user" under the REACH regulations as they not do not manufacture, nor import from outside the EEC, any chemical substances. Smithpack has contacted it's suppliers and is engaged in an ongoing process to verify that the supply of essential materials to Smithpack will not be adversely affected by the requirements of the regulations as they come into force.



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