Corrugated Recycling

Corrugated Packaging in the UK has a recycling rate of over 80% giving it by far the best recycling performance of any packaging material.

Corrugated packaging is readily collectable for recycling and is mostly uncontaminated making the recycling process easier and cost effective. The resultant recycled paper material has a ready market – much of it being turned back into Corrugated packaking helping towards a closed loop recycling process.

All  Corrugated board is made, at least in part, using recycled paper so helps to maintain a sustainable environment. Smithpack promote the benefits of using board with a high or 100% recycled content wherever appropriate – such that only 20% of Smithpack’s purchased material paper weight is of virgin kraft paper (and we make sure even that comes from sustainably managed forestery).

Kraft paper - forestry sources.

Kraft paper retains better properties for printing and is slightly stronger than recycled based “Testliners” (in spite of strong improvements in Testliner paper processing and performance).

Paper can also not be recycled indefinitely. Fibres get weaker each time they are recycled so need to be replenished. High quality virgin fibres come from responsbily managed sustainable sources,where softwood trees being harvested are replaced by replanting. Most of the timber from harvested trees in fact goes into the construction and furniture industries – increasingly the “forest thinnings” and sawmill waste are being used for the virgin fibre in papermaking.

Smithpack source board exclusively from FSC (‘Forestry Stewardship Council’) registered suppliers assuring a positive and sustainable forestery environmental impact.