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Specifying a corrugated box

A Corrugated box – or more correctly a “Corrugated case” – is usually specified by stating its:

  1. Fefco code (eg: 0201 for the most common transit box)
  2. Board Specification code eg “125 Kraft/Test B Flute” (which indicates the nominal weight and type of paper in the liners and the flute code type).
  3. Sizes – measured internally with the box made up – length x width x depth.
  4. If applicable is it glued, taped or stitched (eg metal stapled)?
  5. Any non-standard features such as hand holes are specified in a design drawing.
  6. Any print specification and artwork if applicable.

Smithpack however normally quote against samples or more preferably by being given a design brief enabling our designers to suggest solutions to most effectively achieve performance and presentation requirements.

Over recent years, board grades have gradually become less standard across the industry as new “performance grades” have been introduced by individual board mills with unique flute characteristics¬†and paper weights which vary from the nominal weights indicated by traditional board material codes. This makes it all the more important to quote against performance criteria rather than arbitrary, and what are now industry inconsistent, nominal paper grades.

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